Zermatt weekend getaway

A month ago, when October turned to November, my husband and I went to the charmingly cute mountain village of Zermatt in canton Wallis/Valais to celebrate my husband’s birthday.

Matterhorn above Zermatt

Zermatt is beautiful mountain village. Likewise many other Alpine villages, it is full of charming peak-roofed wooden buildings. What differs Zermatt from other villages and makes it special is Matterhorn – iconic pyramidal mountain that can be found on every box of Toblerone chocolate and countless Swiss postcards.

Hiking route in Zermatt

Day 1 – hiking from Furri to Zermatt

To get from Luzern to Zermatt it took us about three hours – three hours to beat distance of 180 km. Quite-time consuming. Zermatt is located in the midst of Swiss Alps, at the end of Matter valley (Mattertal) at elevation of 1,620 meters (5,310 ft) and is not that easy to reach. Travelling on curvy mountain roads, passing the mountain passes and/or taking car train through Lötschberg tunnel takes time, but it is worth it.

Car train through Lötschberg tunel connects cantons Bern and Wallis.

After arrival to Zermatt, we checked-in at our hotel, changed to our sports gear and went out exploring. We strolled around Zermatt, enjoying the warm sunny day.

Zermatt & its iconic mountain Matterhorn

After a walk through the town, we decided to take the gondola to Furi and walk back down to the village. It took us about an hour of easy walking through the yellow-coloured woods, with occasional sights of Matterhorn. I was enchanted by the scenery we’ve witnessed. I have no words to describe the beauty of landscape. Majestic mountains, lovely mountain huts, sunlit trees that sparkled like gold – breathtaking.

A snap from hiking trail from Furi to Zermatt

After our walk, we returned back to our hotel where we relaxed at hotel’s spa and wellness. After few hours of pure joy, we returned to our room, dressed up and went our for dinner – cheese fondue. It was delicious and filling. I was so full after dinner, I just wanted to lie in my bed and rest. We returned to our hotel and did just that for the rest of the evening.

Zermatt from above

Day 2 – The opening of ski season in Zermatt

On our second (and sadly last) day in Zermatt, we woke up early in the morning. After breakfast, we packed our things, change to ski-gear and checked out from our room. We left our luggage in hotel, grabed our skis and and went skiing.

Gondola to ski area Klein Matterhorn

One of my favourite part of skiing is the moment when you arrive at the top of the slope and witness the landscape and the views for the first time. Zermatt definitely didn’t disappoint me. The ski area was with its backdrop of mountains (including iconic Matterhorn) amazing.

Matterhorn as seen from mountain station Trockener Steg (2’939 m)

Zermatt’s ski area is at almost 4000 meters above sea level the highest winter sports area in the Alps. The high altitude allows skiing continuously through the whole year. When we were there on 1st of November was still off-season. Only one of four areas was open: Klein Matterhorn. But 31 km of total 360 km slopes stretching from the altitude from 3,800 to 2,812 meters was more than enough slopes to ski in one day.

IMG_0799 copy

The pistes were well prepared and the condition were ideal. The low temperatures, perfect snow and cloudless sky – couldn’t wish more.

Pure perfection

We enjoyed our little trip so much we’re going back this weekend to celebrate my birthday on the slopes. Can’t wait.

Laghi Cime Bianche (2812 m)

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