Football fever in Lyon

In July, when UEFA Euro 2016 in France was in full swing, my husband, who is a big football (soccer) fan, asked me if I want to attend one of the matches of the tournament. Of course, I would never say no to attending one of the biggest sports event of this summer so we started planning our trip.

At the time, there were still many matches at the tournament to be played. After considering our schedules and the convenience of the locations of the venues, we decided to attend the semi-final match held at the Stade des Lumières in Lyon. At the time, we didn’t know which two teams are going to play. With the progress of the tournament it became known our match will be the played between Wales and Portugal. Because my father-in-law is huge fan of Portugal’s star player Christiano Ronaldo, he expressed the interest in him and and mother-in-law joining us. Just the few days before the match, we somehow manage to buy the additional two tickets for them. We’ve booked them the plane tickets and voila, what was meant to be trip of two, became a family trip.



The first day in Lyon was all about the UEFA Euro 2016 match. After our arrival to the city, we checked-in to our airbnb apartment. Then we went to the city centre where we’ve enjoyed the atmosphere before the match. There were people in the jerseys of both teams everywhere around the town, all cheerful and optimistic their teams will win. We also went to the fan zone. After the strict security check at the entrance, we were able to enter it and participate in many different activities available inside.

Inside the fan zone

Time flies and soon it was time to leave the city centre. We took the metro and the organised bus to the Stade des Lumières stadium where the match was held. After another strict security check, we were able to enter the stadium. The football match soon started and we enjoyed the great atmosphere. Portugal won and qualify for the final what made my father-in-law super happy. He did not only see his idol playing, he even scored the goal for his team.


Next morning, we woke up early in the morning. We left our apartment and went to the city centre to explore the streets of the Lyon, including the historic town which is inscribed to UNESCO World Heritage list. We have no plans what to do. We just wandered around, strolled the cobbled streets of the Vieux Lyon and admired fine historic buildings from all periods of the long Lyon’s history.

Lyon City Hall

St Nizier Church

Passerelle du Collège pedestrian bridge

Old Town street

Lyon from above

After our walk, we’ve stopped at the lovely french restaurant and enjoyed the delicious French food. Convinced that Lyon definitely deserve to be recognised as the gastronomic capital of France, we bid goodbye to the city and return back home – us to Switzerland and in-laws back to Slovenia.

Delicious lunch

Au revoir Lyon!


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