10 Photos that will make you want to visit Mallorca

It has been a while since my trip to the Spanish island of Mallorca. Two months, to be precise, and I still haven’t posted anything about this trip. To give you a little preview of the content of some of my future posts, here are ten of my favourite photos I took while exploring this lovely little island in the middle Mediterranean. You might see some of them on my Instagram, but I still I hope you’ll enjoy them.

Cala Figuera

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Blast from the Past: Palma de Mallorca

When the days are getting shorter and shorter it is time for Blast from the Past post to take you back to warmer days of September 2012. Back then, I’d just submitted my master’s thesis and travelled to Mallorca Island with my boyfriend (now husband). We’ve spent our well deserved holidays enjoying beautiful beaches and exploring lovely towns and villages. This particular set of photos was taken in island’s capital Palma where we’ve stayed for a few days.

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Blast from the Past: Bern

Today’s Blast from the Past post is taking you to one of my favourite Swiss cities, to Bern. Despite I have visited this city on many occasions, I still like to return. I love its vibe and I can never get bored of its picturesque buildings, medieval arcades, fountains, majestic cathedral and beautiful river. This particular set of photos was taken two years ago in the autumn when my husband (then boyfriend) and I visited Bern Old Town to meet a friend.

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The Duomo – Milan Cathedral

To me, Milan doesn’t have a charm many other Italian cities do. It is big, fast-paced, dull and overly urban. I do understand why it is sometimes left out of the mainstream tourist itineraries. However, there are some really cool attractions to visit there. My favourite of them is the Milan Cathedral (Duomo di Milano), a majestic Gothic cathedral, which I’ve visited again on Wednesday.

The Duomo

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10 things to do in Maribor

My hometown Maribor is second largest city in Slovenia. It is located at the North-Eastern part of the country, in Slovenian Syria (Štajerska) region. Nested between the Pohorje Hill at one side and wine-growing hills at the other is a lovely place worth visiting.

Town Hall & Plague Pillar at the Main Square

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