Unforgettable trip to Istanbul

If you live in Europe or you are basketball fan, you might have heard European basketball championship or EuroBasket 2017 came to an end on 17th September in the most amazing way I could imagine. Slovenian team won the gold medal and I was there to witness this historical moment. It was unforgettable!

Slovenia have been crowned European champions for the first time in history

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A weekend in Belgrade, Serbia

I guess, there must be at least one trip per year I don’t plan at all. This year I went to the capital of Serbia, to Belgrade without doing any prior planning and research. The whole trip was organised by a friend, who had been to Belgrade plenty times before and knows the town very well. He organised the accommodation and restaurant reservations, he planned most of the activities and even act as a tour guide on our walk around the town.  He did an amazing job. No wonder, our group had a great time in Serbia.

Sunset by the river Sava

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Football fever in Lyon

In July, when UEFA Euro 2016 in France was in full swing, my husband, who is a big football (soccer) fan, asked me if I want to attend one of the matches of the tournament. Of course, I would never say no to attending one of the biggest sports event of this summer so we started planning our trip.

At the time, there were still many matches at the tournament to be played. After considering our schedules and the convenience of the locations of the venues, we decided to attend the semi-final match held at the Stade des Lumières in Lyon. At the time, we didn’t know which two teams are going to play. With the progress of the tournament it became known our match will be the played between Wales and Portugal. Because my father-in-law is huge fan of Portugal’s star player Christiano Ronaldo, he expressed the interest in him and and mother-in-law joining us. Just the few days before the match, we somehow manage to buy the additional two tickets for them. We’ve booked them the plane tickets and voila, what was meant to be trip of two, became a family trip. Continue reading

Japan. Day 4: Cat Cafe & Baseball in Tokyo

The fourth day of our trip to Japan was dedicated to two things my boyfriend and I are passionate about: sports and cats.

Petting time at the Calico cat cafe

My boyfriend is a sports enthusiast. We often visit sports venues and events on our travels. Our trip to Japan wouldn’t be the same without some sports-related activity. Our first pick was to attend sumo, a Japanese wrestling sport. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see the tournament, so we had to settle for the plan B: the baseball. Continue reading

Tour de Suisse 2015

Yesterday my boyfriend and I attended the opening stage of Tour de Suisse – a road cycling race held annually in June in Switzerland. The first stage of this year’s  race was organised in Rotkreuz-Risch, tiny village in Central Switzerland.

Although I’m not fan of cycling competitions, I’m happy to experience this sports event. I was able to see some of the world’s best cyclists in person and admire their speed and strength. Also, I’ve enjoyed the sunny weather, lively atmosphere of the race, interesting events accompanying the race and a good company of friends. Continue reading

51st Golden Fox Trophy

Being in a relationship with a sports enthusiast means not only being familiar with the latest sports results, but also visiting lots of different sports events.  As I partly share my boyfriend’s passion for sports, I enjoy accompanying him to some of those events. Previous weekend we attended Alpine Ski World Cup race in our home-town Maribor: Golden Fox Trophy (Zlata lisica).

Golden Fox Trophy logo

Golden Fox Trophy is one of two alpine ski World Cup races held in Slovenia. It has long history. The first race at Pohorje was organised in 1964.  Since then, every year, if the snow conditions and weather allows it, the best female alpine skiers gather in Maribor and compete in Slalom and Giant Slalom.  Continue reading