Adele @ Hallenstadion Zürich

I am a huge fan of Adele. When she announced the tour back in December 2015, I was determined to try to get the tickets. The concerts were sold out in just few minutes. No surprise, I failed to get tickets for the first concert at Hallenstadion in Zürich. Luckily, they announced few additional concerts, including one in Zürich. I was luckier this time and got two tickets for the concert on 18th May 2016. Yesterday, the day of the concert finally arrived and I got to see the brilliant Adele performing live. I’m still totally overwhelmed by it. Her simple, but powerful performances blew my mind. She doesn’t need much of a show on stage. Her amazing voice and charisma were more than enough to entertain the audience.

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Japan. Day 1: It’s a long way from Zürich to Tokyo

The long-awaited day of our departure to Japan had arrived. Our flight was scheduled at 7:40 so we woke up early in the morning, after just few hours of sleep. We drove to the Zürich airport, where we went through all the airport procedures and stop by at the Lindt store/bar for delicious Lindt hot chocolate. If ever at the Zürich airport and you’re sweet-tooth as I am, you should try it!

Our boarding passes

With our bellies filled, we’ve boarded the plane to Istanbul. The flight was calm and we were pleasantly surprised by Turkish Airlines services. Nice comfortable seats, clean aircraft, friendly cabin crew and a good food. Used of getting just a small snack or a sandwich on our flights across the Europe, we were pleasantly surprised when they served us a warm meal with the proper cutlery and offered us freshly squeezed lemonade and orange juice. Perfect start of our travel! Continue reading