51st Golden Fox Trophy

Being in a relationship with a sports enthusiast means not only being familiar with the latest sports results, but also visiting lots of different sports events.  As I partly share my boyfriend’s passion for sports, I enjoy accompanying him to some of those events. Previous weekend we attended Alpine Ski World Cup race in our home-town Maribor: Golden Fox Trophy (Zlata lisica).

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Golden Fox Trophy is one of two alpine ski World Cup races held in Slovenia. It has long history. The first race at Pohorje was organised in 1964.  Since then, every year, if the snow conditions and weather allows it, the best female alpine skiers gather in Maribor and compete in Slalom and Giant Slalom. 

My boyfriend and I attended Saturday’s Giant Slalom race. The weather conditions were for spectators nearly perfect – sunny and warm. According to the organisers, around 18.000 people attended the race. The atmosphere was excellent. I believe it would be even better, if Slovenian favourite Tina Maze wouldn’t made a mistake in the first run. Unfortunately, she didn’t finish the race. From the rest of Slovenian team, only Ana Drev was fast enough to qualify for the second run, but she also skied out in the second run.

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Skiing is one of my favourite sports. I love to ski and I enjoy following ski competitions. Attending ski race in person is therefore always a nice experience for me. Although 51st Golden Fox Trophy’s Giant Slalom was result-wise a bit of a disappointment, I still enjoyed the race very much. It was interesting to watch the best skiers skiing the same slope I used to ski. In addition, sunny weather, great atmosphere, and a company of friends I haven’ seen for a while, made my day.

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